Introduces to You the Great Riches of the Theologies of the Eastern Churches

Ephrem’s Theological Journal is an internationally acclaimed Indian Theological Journal, published twice a year, to promote research on Eastern Ecclesial Heritage. It also pays special attention to the dialogue between cultures and religions and to the context of mission, with special reference to the Eastern Churches of India. Specialists of Eastern Theologies and Inter-religious Dialogue enable the readers’ world-wide to travel into the mysteries of the East.

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A list of Some of the Articles Published in the ETJ

-Angelo Scola, “Principles of Interreligious Dialogue in Catholic Theology”, March 1998, Vol. 2, n°1, p. 52-72.

-Martin Hogan, “Ephrem’s Commentary on the Lord’s Prayer”, March 1999, Vol. 3, n°1, p. 31- 44.

-Evelyn Monteiro, “Challenges of the Church in India in the Third Millennium”, March 2001, Vol. 5, n° 1, p. 82-89.

-Basilo Petra, “Church with ‘Two Lungs”, Oct. 2002, Vol. 6, n°2, p. 142-

-PaulyManiyattu, “East Syriac Appellation of the Eucharistic Celebration: Motifs for a Paradigm Shift in the Theology of Eucharist”, Oct. 2002, Vol. n° 2, 142- 161.

-LonappanArangassery, The life giving cross A foundational mystery and a Sacramental in the East, March, 2002, Vol. 16, n° 1, p. 5-30.

-Edward G; Farrugia, “Better Nero than Constantine? Christianity’s Re- evaluation of War and Peace in its Rise as World Religion”, Oct. 2003, Vol, 5, n°2, p. 107-129.

-Walter Kasper, “Current problems in Ecumenical theology, Oct. 2003, Vol.2, n°2. P. 107-129.

-Thomas Kochuthara, “Anthropological Dimensions of Salvation”, Oct. 2004, Vol. 8, n°2, p. 134-150.

-Mar Joseph Powathil, Early Syriac Theology: Some basic Features, March 2005 Vol. 9, n°1, p. 3-22.

-Joseph Maleparampil MCBS, “The Church of Thessalonians” (I Thess1, 1) March, 2006, Vol. 10, n° 1, p. 6-16)

-Thomas Dabre, “Comments on Some aspects of the Christology of Karl Rahner”, Oct. 2006, Vol. 10, n° 2, p. 115-125.

-Joseph Ottapurackal, “The Rise of a Church Leader:Matthean Characterization of Peter (Special Reference to Mt 14:30)”, Oct 2006, Vol 10, n° 2, p. 134-151.

-George Kaniarakath CMI, “The Bible as the Word of God in Human Word”, Oct. 2012, Vol. 16, n° 2, p. 97-106.

-Thomas Vallianippuram, “An Oriental Christian Reading of the Bread of Life Discourse in the Gospel of John”, Oct. 2013, Vol. 17, n° 2, p. 101-127.